I'm having a break!

I'm taking new commissions again next year.

I make custom hobbyhorses by order!

Base price of the hobbyhorse is 130 €. Except mini ponys and foals are 100 €. Postage is 27 € to countries of European Union.

Bace price includes stick, small markings, simple shading/coloring and mane made of yarn (max 20 cm long). Other things, like very long mane, mane made of fiber hair, fjord mane, difficult coloring (like piebald) etc. will cost extra.

If you want to buy a hobbyhorse from me, made by your own wishes, please read all the information below.

How to order?

First, decide what kind of hobbyhorse you would like to have and write everything in the commission application.
Once you have written all information and added reference pictures, please send the application to my email

Reference pictures can be for example your own drawings or photos of real horses. Pictures are not absolutely necessary, but they help me when making your hobbyhorse.

After you have sent me the application, I will contact you and give you the price offer. After that, please answer me if you accept my offer and then I will start making your hobbyhorse.

If you don't like the final product, you don't have to buy it. If you like it and want to buy it, I will send you the bill (billing is by UKKO) and you can pay by making a bank transfer.

I will send the horse as soon as I can see the payment in my bank account. You will get the tracking code to your email after the horse has been sent.

Please notice that I deal only with adults or in case of a minor, with their parents.

Size of the horse

Here you can see what size Taideponi hobbyhorses are. Size may vary depending on the horse's breed and the shape of the horse

Commission application

Please, include this information in your commission application:

Your name:

Your country: (only countries of the European Union)

And horse's...




Size: (XS-XL or foal)

Ears: (normal, backward, or different directions)

Nostrils: (normal or inlaid)

Mane color:

Mane length:

Mane material: (yarn or fiber hair)

Eye color:

The shape of the horse: (normal, dressage horse, etc.)

Possible face markings: (can be attached as picture/drawing)

Shadings: (yes or no)

Other colorings: (can be attached as picture/drawing)

Possible tack: (no tack at all, or if you want a bridle or a halter or a blanket, etc.)

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