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Taideponin Poju


The fabric is velboa and there is support fabric inside. Eyes and nostrils are leather. The stick is painted with wood varnish and it is 42 cm long. The weight of the pony is 0,540 kilograms. Size S.

Pony will be delivered with the stick. The halter is included in price.

Notice! This hobbyhorse is not a toy! Taideponi hobbyhorses are made strong and durable, but they should be kept away from small children. They may include long manes, buckles and other parts that might present a choking hazard if chewed on.

Price: 110 € + postage 27 €.

Shipping only to countries of European Union!

If you want to buy, please email me !

How to buy?

Send me a message to my email and tell me which horse you would like to buy.
I will then contact you and confirm if the horse still is in stock. I will also ask your name, address and phone number so that I can send you the horse and the bill (billing is by UKKO). The bill will come to your email and you can pay it by making a bank transfer. Payment time is 14 days.

I will send the horse as soon as I can see the payment in my bank account. You will get the tracking code to your email after the horse has been sent.

Please notice that I deal only with adults or in the case of a minor, with their parents.

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